Home Remedies For Oral Problems

By admin / December 15, 2016

A toothache can be different; for example, can range from a mild pain to one that can be excruciating, constant pain around the teeth, affecting our gums. You must consider that some of the main causes of suffering from a toothache are when cavities are generated in the teeth, you may be suffering from an infection, you may root of exposed tooth have, a cracked tooth, suffer from diseases in gums, having a loose fill or a mixed jaw disorder. For any type of ailment, we can opt for various home remedies for receding gums toothache.

Here are some Home remedies for receding gums toothache;

Clove: Clove is one of the great home remedies for receding gums toothaches primarily because it has anti - inflammatory properties, has antibacterial properties, antioxidants and has properties that are considered anesthetic, which helps us relieve pain that occurs in our teeth and gums and is a product that helps fight infection throughout our mouth.

To use the cloves as one of the home remedies for receding gum line toothache that are discussed in this note, you grind two cloves. These were mixed with a little olive oil or vegetable oil and then applied to the tooth or gums that are affected. Another alternative is the use of a cotton ball which is soaked with clove oil and rub this mixture directly on the area that this achy. Another alternative is to mix a few drops of oil of cloves in half a glass of water, and this can be used as mouthwash.

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The Onion: Onions are other great home remedies for receding gums toothaches because they have antiseptic and antimicrobial properties which are effective in controlling a toothache. Onions can provide quick relief to any pain in our mouth, to kill the germs causing any possible infection that may be causing the pain.

To use onions as a home remedy for toothache, it is that when the first sign of pain in our teeth or gum areas occurs, we chew a raw onion for a few minutes to relieve this pain. While in the case that we are not able to chew, we place a piece of raw onion directly on our tooth or gums.

Mix salt and pepper: Salt, when mixed with pepper, can be very useful when we have a tooth becomes sensitive, that because the ingredients used have antibacterial properties, properties considered as anti - inflammatory and analgesic.

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To generate this home remedy for receding gums toothache remedy, we mix in equal amounts of both pepper and salt, plus a few drops of water to this mixture, a paste is generated, which is applied directly on the part Dental who is affected and let rest for a few minutes. To achieve relief with this paste, what we do for several days.

Vanilla extract: Vanilla extract is another popular to treat pain in the teeth and gums home remedies because it helps soothe the pain. Also, vanilla stands out for having a calming effect.

To use vanilla extract, we dip a cotton swab in the vanilla extract and apply it on the area that is affected. We will do this several times a day until relief of pain is generated.

Ice cubes: Ice can help relieve tooth pain because this is able to numb the nerve endings that may be causing the pain.

Enough to wrap an ice cube in a thin cloth. This should be kept on the cheek near where the pain is this for a few minutes.

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