Feeling Depressed? Try These Helpful Tips And Advice

By admin / November 4, 2016

Sleepless nights:  This one for some people can be huge.  I can personally relate to this one, because both my son and I have had numerous sleepless nights due to acid reflux.  My son especially went through some really tough nights.  Sometimes he would cough to the point where he would vomit pure yellow stomach acid.  He would also have trouble sleeping due to the buildup of mucus that would rise to his throat and nasal passage during the night.  We would have to have him sleep upright to keep the mucus from reaching his esophagus.  Needless to say, it was not a pleasant time.

Dyspepsia:  Many folks with acid reflux will also have this symptom.  This is pretty much just a general term which means stomach discomfort.  Some symptoms of Dyspepsia include constant burping, nausea after eating, stomach bloating, and upper abdominal discomfort or pain.  Levels of Dyspepsia can vary greatly from person to person.