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By admin / March 24, 2017

Upper Back Pain And Active Release Chiropractic Treatment

The upper back is that part of the spine where the vertebrae are connected to ribs. Read more about Care Chiropractic Denver for back pain. Pain in the upper back is often accompanied by stiffness and pain in other parts of back, neck or chest. Upper back pain is sometimes a result of irritation of muscles while it is not as common as lower back pain, it can be very painful and restrictive. Many people suffer from upper back pain caused by working conditions, and poor posture and stress are often the cause. The Best Denver Chiropractor specializes in back and related complaints and can often solve many of these problems.​

The thoracic spine includes the upper part of the spine corresponding to the chest. There are twelve vertebrae in the upper spine, each of the nine vertebrae in the upper section attach to a rib. These ribs curve around the side of the body attaching to the frontal breastbone.​

Causes of the upper back pain

  • Generally, physicians believe that upper back pain is caused due to irritation in the muscles and repetitive motion injuries.
  • The shoulder girdle is attached to the shoulder blade (scapula) with large muscles and the rear portion of the thoracic rib cage. These large muscles of the upper back develop irritation that is very painful and hard to get rid of.
  • Usually, upper back pain and muscular irritation are the results of the de-conditioning or injuries caused due to overuse. Sports injuries, muscle strains, accidents or other injuries can cause upper back pain.
  • Two joints connect the ribs with the vertebrae in the thoracic spine. A dysfunction in one of these joints also results in upper back pain.
  • The upper back portion of your body can also get strained due to incorrect posture. The problem of the strained back can get serious when this incorrect posture is attained for longer periods of time. This ailment of upper back pain generally affects those people who work all day in front of a computer. The upper back pain is, in certain cases, also accompanied by pain in the neck, arms, and shoulders.

​Dysfunctional joints and myofascia are the two major causes of the upper back pain. Myofascia, generally, is muscular pain which is caused by strained muscles caused due to active physical activities. Another cause of Myofascia is overusing muscles or a sudden injury. The affected muscles, in this case, are the ones that support the shoulder blades.

Some other causes

Upper back pain can have several other causes:

  • Improper crooked or another fallen behind the desk.
  • By the same unilateral use of arms like ironing and much above movement work hard.
  • Occasionally has pain in the upper back no sudden cause, such as a cut in pieces, or make a wrong move. A wrong position or stuck with one or more vertebrae caused tension in the upper back. Nerves become irritated, which leads to pain.
  • Even the problems of organs, e.g. stomach upset, may be associated with irritated nerves.

​Symptoms of back pain

If something is not right in the upper back, it can cause various symptoms. Most people with upper back problems have pain between the shoulder blades. But chest pain or radiating pain in the arms may also be the result of a problem in the upper back. Sometimes the symptoms of heart problems and therefore often cause anxiety. Coughing, sneezing, and breathing can all be painful. Sternum Complaints are also common after open heart surgery.

Upper back pain can be assessed and treated with the help of medical professionals and Care Chiropractic Denver. The professionals can also help a patient in overall pain management. Treatment for the upper back pain could depend, largely, on the actual cause of the pain. The causes of such pain are related to the cervical spine and the neck.​

Treatment for back pain

Pain medications also help in bringing relief to upper back pain for a short time. Anti-inflammatory medicines are the most widely used medications in this regard. Injections, however, are not generally recommended.​

Good posture when standing and sitting prevents back pain. Pay attention to your posture on a regular basis.

Treatment for upper back pain includes physical therapy in order to activate the joints and decrease the discomfort. Long-term cure requires a robust exercise program at home aimed at stretching the shoulders and the spine and strengthening them. Aerobics is also an important activity for maintaining sustained relief from upper back pain.​

Active Release Care Chiropractic Denver​

Get Pain Relief at Your Chiropractic care Denver - Back Pain if left untreated, can become progressively worse resulting in chronic pain or crippling arthritis. The good news is our knowledgeable and qualified Denver chiropractors team can help you return to your former pain-free lifestyle after we perform a comprehensive examination and identify the exact source of the problem. This may require x-rays to reveal the area of spinal misalignment and joint injuries. Once this is established, we will design a treatment plan to help correct this condition, alleviate your pain, and maintain optimal back health.​

The first initial phase for Pain Relief patients receive at our Denver Chiropractice and Rehabilitation centers is a comprehensive examination including a medical history. Once we have established the nature of the pain, we will design a customized treatment program suited to a patient’s particular needs. A combination of treatment methods will be used and we will measure their progress until they have regained their quality of life. Patients are also given a maintenance program to maintain a healthy, pain-free life.​

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